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July 17. 2003 - Es is back...| Comments/reports/log-sheets/audios to DK5YA

After several days of silence on both 50 and 144 MHz Sporadic E is back. MUF was high the whole day through all around Europe and at 16:30 144 MHz was open short from EA7 to I. Same time there was a huge cloud in the east with big BC sigs from TA and 4X4 into UA3 while OH and ES was booming up to 108 MHz in UA6. Again the poor boys on OH didn't see no opening on 144 MHz....
Involved DXCC: I, EA

144 MHs Es July 17. 2003

Logs and reports:

EA1AK/7, JM66vp
Another short opening here. Started at 16:30 when worked IZ8DWL from Southern most tip of Italy. He called CQ for 10 minutes with very strong signal but nobody else in the band. Bit later I managed to work four more stations from Central Italy. Good signals but very few stations to work.
16:30 IZ8DWL JM88br 1973 Km
16:41 IW0BYL JN61gv 1711 Km
16:42 I0SPS/0 JN61ku 1737 Km
16:45 I6BQI JN72bk 1852 Km
16:46 I0JX JN61gw 1712 Km

IZ8DWL, JM88br
16.29 EA1AK/7 IM66VP 51 59 SSB 1973
16.30 EA7BYM IM66UM 59 59 SSB 1984
16.33 EA7AJ IM87CS 51 51 SSB 1738



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