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June 13. 2003 - Small clouds, short openings | Please send your comments/reports/log-sheets/audios to DK5YA

MUF was very low in Europe until early afternoon. Even 50 MHz was totally dead until app. 1500 UT when first sigs appeared between F, G and DL to I, 9H1, 4X4. There was a cloud in the south-western part of the Mediterranean sea that caused a short 144 openings from south-west F to IT9 (Isl. Pantelleria) and later from I7 to EA9 from 15:38 until 16:15. Later at app. 16.40 UT the band opened from EA and EA6 to I7,8 and SV3, that was a nice and good opening but activity was very poor! Reports and comments from stateside reg. 222 MHz openings [here].
Involved DXCC: F, EA, EA6, EA9, I, IT9, SV

 144 MHz Es June 13. 2003

Logs and reports:

EA4EOZ, IN80ci
16:41 IK8YVG JM88BR 59/59
16:46 SV3KH KM07PQ 59/59
16:53 IT9NGN JM78PE 59/53
16:58 I8MPO JN70FP 59/57
I was listening on 6m when some strong I stations appeared on band. When QSYd to 2m, I heard my friend EA4EOB working I stations. He told me later he detected the sporadic when lots of I stations appeared suddenly on his
APRS map !. Nice signals, lot of QSB and very low activity :-( SV3KH was booming in Madrid as you can listen!. All stations worked with FT-817, 5 watts and turnstile antenna.
[Wow, well done Miguel! Ed.]

EA5EZJ, IM98vx
1657Z IK8YVG 55 JM88BR
1704Z SV3KH 59 KM07

F6FHP, IN94tr
15:38 IW9HDD JM65 57

IK7IWI, JN80oo
1614Z EA9HA im85mh 

SV3KH talking with SV8RV
[all files recorded by EA4EOZ]

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By WA5IYX EL09ql
After what for most was an incredibly poor May-August 2002 Es season last year (my worst since keeping data for 88-108 MHz in 1972) there is no mistaking how equally-incredibly good this one has been so far in comparison.

Just looking at the "tip of the MUF iceberg", 222 MHz has provided more Es QSO's, IMHO, than had been made in the ENTIRE history of the 220 and  222-MHz bands before this season! (Since this band does not exist in Europe or Asia there's no way to compare with the conditions elsewhere.)

Recall that the "first" 220-MHz Es was during the June 1987 VHF Contest with W5HUQ (Jacksonville, FL) and K5UGM (Dallas, TX). As far back as 1983 I'd been asked to give a "quesstimate" on the odds of a 220-MHz Es event at a given location, and I'd tossed out the off-hand number of once in ten years. That seemed to be rather accurate for a while as the next (222-MHz by then) "almost" was in 1997. And this had occurred ...

My closest encounter with a likely 220-MHz Es path had come on Feb 7, 1977 with the Ch 13 audio from Sioux Falls, SD. I didn't even have any 2-m equipment yet or I might have actually missed the high-VHF TV Es! http://home.swbell.net/pjdyer/aud-fil4.htm That memorable winter evening also had Es from Ch 11 Minneapolis; Ch 9
Aberdeen, SD; and Ch 7 Alexandria, MN, et al, but KSFY-13 was THE item. (And we do have a local Ch 12, tho luckily 25-mi to the s.e. of here.)

Some of the higher numbers of 222-MHz Es events being caught now may also be a factor of increased band-occupancy by better-equipped stations with more-savvy operators making full use of the real-time postings made on the various Internet Sites.

In any event, I hope that some of these Es QSO's have been recorded in one fashion or another by the ops, and that those audios will be made available online.
73, Pat - WA5IYX EL09ql

By KF0M, Wichita
There was an E opening Friday evening between EM17 and DM14. Both W0EKZ and KF0M/M completed E skip QSO's with N6RMJ DM14 on 222 Mhz SSB. W0EKZ was operating from his home station. KF0M was operating from his contest mobile
station running 15 watts and a 6el Quagi at 6 ft attached to the top of the truck. Signal strength on 222Mhz varied from about 5-1 to 5-5 on 222 and lasted about 5 minutes at KF0M.

I had just barely finished getting the rover station all hooked up and on my way to the gas station to fill up for the contest rover operation. Therefore  I didn't have any of the amps powered up and was stuck barefoot. KF0M attempted with K7ICW on 222Mhz but nothing was heard. W0EKZ heard K7ICW on 222Mhz but did not complete.
John Lock KF0M,
Wichita KS