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June 21. 2003 - Very brief opening | Please send your comments/reports/log-sheets/audios to DK5YA

MUF was high all day through reaching 100 MHz few times in the late morning and in the afternoon both in eastern  and western Europe. Italian BC was very strong in Wales and England at 1700 UT and a very brief opening from SV to DL, F and G happened from 17:41 UT until 18:12 UT with short openings more like MS than Es. Only station active in SV was SV3CYM as usual, he's there 24/7 I guess ;-).
There was another one, at 10:30 +- a short opening from I3 to CT.
Involved DXCC: G, F, DL, I, CT, SV 

 144 MHz Es June 21. 2003

Logs and reports:

G8IZY, IO91vc
1751 SV3CYM 59 57 KM08VF New DXCC and # 2237km
Very brief opening only lasting a couple of minutes then gone.

IW3RJZ, JN65iv
CT2HBZ 10.36 IM58LV
Es was moving fast, very strong and deep QSB.
Rig Ic 275h 1x17f9ft
SV3CYM, KM08vf
144300 F1DBN 5/7 17:37
144300 DC5TD 5/9 17:38
144300 G8IZY 5/5 IO91VC 17:54



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