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May 11. 2003 - First opening in 2003 | Please send your comments/reports/log-sheets/audios to DK5YA

DB5WC says that the first opening in 2003 probably took place at 10:05 UT from JO40 into JM88, still waiting for more logs to confirm this. Second started at 14:22 UT from PA (JO21) into YO. Few minutes later DL5MAE heard a UA6 station weak on 144300 and there was a UB5 for a few seconds into JN57. Than the band opened for some 25 minutes with deep QSB from PA and DL into YO. Later 9A was reported in both southern F and northern EA, but still unconfirmed.
Logs and reports:
PE1GNP, JO31ix
I saw a spot from es to ur on 144050. I called cq on 1443000 and yo4gjh kn35xg came back with 59. This was at 14.26. I hrd him a couple of minutes, then the opening was over. Maybe the opening started earlier, because nobody was on 144.300 before 14.26.
Greetings Jan PE1GNP JO31IX

DB5WC, JN49ej
Most probably, the season starts earlier. IK8YFU from JM88AJ was suddenly 59+ in JN49EJ at 10:05 utc for approx. 1 minute and faded out
very fast. I guess he worked one or more stations from JO40, but not sure. No chance to give him a call due to the short opening. Could be MS, but regarding to the actual condx on 6m
I vote for ES.
73, Gerd - DB5WC
DL3JIN, JO60lx
14:36z wkd YO4GJH 59/59 KN35XG-JO60LX 2m

DL8EBW, JO31nf
11.05.03 1200>1600 MUF 85 UT/YO/LZ
1428 MUF 144 YO4GJH KN35 42 / hrd AFU [2m]

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