Sporadic 'E' on 144 MHz in 2004 - A summary You are on June 15. Last update: July 02. 16:00 UT  
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June 15. - Short and low activity
June 14th was promising cause 50 MHz was wide open in East and Central Europe from the early morning when MUF reached 110 MHz in times. But again nothing on 144. June 15th started pretty nice too when in the early morning MUF was high again over Italy and in Eastern Europe. At 06.20 BC from F was into I and SV and at 0640 first sigs on 144 from Southern France into I8 and SV3. Opening lasted some 45 minutes and was faint when MUF was just close to 144 and sometimes 2 meter opened for short periods also in 9H1. Activity was pretty poor.
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F4DSD, JN23jo
Just one ssb qso FAI with YU1EV 55/55 kn04cn at 20h52 QTF45.I heard also 2 stations in CW but I don't no who !!!
Rig ft847 + lna push GI7BT 4x10 BVO

F5VHX, JN04ft
06.40 144300 IW8EWT ???
06.40 144370 SV/DL9MS KM06uw 1980 km
06.45 144300 IK8ETN JM89ch 1433 km N.C
07.40 144300 IT9NGN JM78pe 1434 km

F6DRO, JN03tj
15/06-I was at qrl during the morning ES. But I got an Fai opening on 144Mhz in the evening for several hours from 1930 to at least 21 when I switched off.SCP:JN36.
Worked YU1EV/KN04CN 55F-55F heard and called but nothing back: LZ5UV/KN12PR. Activity very low.
73's Dom/F6DRO
G7RAU, IO90ir
FAI 15 June 2004 qtf 70 to 9a3jh/s53j/ha5ov (jn75 and jn97) from 18:30ut till 19:20
Was the same scatterpoints as before (jo22/32/33). had others call me, at one point 3 stations at once but hard to pull out sigs because fast cw and broad signal widths. I feel it was open maybe up to 1 hour earlier but I was on 144.300 rxing as I had scvandinavian FM BC and thought muf was going to bubble up to two meters.
Morning es was killed by au but I had fm bc (to 90mhz) for 15mins from sud I abt 15mins after VHX worked es (then my refl went to jm73/74, sea :-(( )
73 de Dave

HB9BZA, JN36be
20:23 YU1EV KN04CN 539 559 qtf 055 el 10
My first FAI QSO for several years, maybe using the scatter above Praha.

IK8ETN, JM89ch
07:39 144.300 ssb F5VHX 59-59 JN04ft (1450Km)
07:42 144.310 ssb F1FAW 57-55 IN94qs (1530Km)
my rig 17f9ft+ic275h (100W)
73 de Pietro